Hello and welcome to my website!  My name is Dixie Bradbury.  I owned Seventh Heaven Quilt Shop in San Antonio for over 22 years.  I am now semi retired.   I began sewing at a very early age by making my own clothes.  After giving birth to a girl, I was quickly making clothes for her.  (My son is, of course, very grateful that I bought his clothes at the store.)  

My late husband and I bought a sewing machine business in 1990.  I soon hired a lady who was an avid quilter.  She started teaching classes and I was hooked.  The business quickly grew  and was a thriving business for over 22 years..  

One of the hardest things for our students and me was making perfect half-square triangles.  Shirley Gendreizig of Colorado invented CATS (Cut Accurate Triangle Squares).  If I wasn't convinced that it was the absolute best way to make half-square triangles I wouldn't have bought her business at the age of 69.  

Enjoy browsing my site and do yourself a favor by treating yourself to some CATS.  You deserve it!!

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